Manuals and brochures

  • You'll find the Owner's Manual right here!

  • Sure you can. Check this out.

  • Manual for the Webasto heating unit.

    A few Minks were produced with a digital control unit from Webasto. Information on how to operate the control unit can be found here control unit.

  • Manual for the Eberspächer heating unit.

    Manual for the Eberspächer control unit.

Into the wild

  • Before you go on an adventure it is good to make sure these things are in order:

    1. Familiarise yourself with the owner's manual. It may come in handy.
    2. Turn on the Main Switch, located underneath the mattress. (page 45 in the Owner's Manual)
    3. Attach the Mink safely to the tow ball. (page 25 in the Owner's Manual)
    4. Attach the electric cable (13 pole) to the car (page 25 in the Owner's Manual) and make sure the lights on the Mink work correctly.
    5. We recommend driving with all doors locked - just in case.
    6. Check the tire pressure. We recommend 25 psi.
  • The mosquito nets are placed underneath the side doors of the Mink. They are in a wall mounted pouch so you can quickly pull up the mosquito net and cover the whole door from the inside.


  • Yes, there is a battery in the Mink. The battery is 70ah and is located in the chassis underneath the cabin. Close to the wheel on the driver's side.

  • There are 3 ways to charge the battery.

    1. Plug in the camper with the green DEFA cable that came with it. The socket for the cable is on the non-driver side of the tongue - approximately on the middle of the tongue. The cable should be connected to regular 230v.
    2. Through the 13 pin plug while the Mink is connected to the car. Be aware the you'll need to have a 13 pin plug on the car and the car has to be set up to charge a battery in a trailer.
    3. Through the solar panel (optional) that is located on the roof of the Mink.
  • The Mink has 2x 230v sockets (1 in the kitchen, 1 in the main cabin), 1x 12v socket (in the kitchen) and 4x usb plugs in the main cabin.
    If you want to use the 230v sockets you need to plug in the Mink using the DEFA cable.

Heating System

  • Heating is optional in the Mink. Due to supply chain issues you'll either receive a Webasto or Eberspächer. The brand type can be identified on the heating system's control unit in the main cabin.

  • The manual for the heating system should come with your Mink. If not you can look for the Webasto manual for control unit and heater and Eberspächer manual for control unit hand heater.

  • The heating system uses diesel and it holds 12 liters. The fuel tank can be found on the front of the Mink in a black plastic compartment.

  • The fuel tank holds 12 liters and the heating system uses diesel.

  • That's no fun at all. Who wants to be cold during night? Please check the following.

    • Is there diesel in the fuel tank?
    • Is the main switch turned on? Please see page 45 in the Owner's Manual.
    • Is there electricity on the battery? You can turn on the battery indicator in the control panel in the cabin. Page 39 in the Owner's Manual.
    • Is there an error alert on the heating system' control unit in the main cabin? If so, please refer to the manufacturer's manual for the given heating system.
  • The heating system takes air from the outside, heats it up and blows it into the main cabin. The air flows both over and under the bed. That reduces the risk of moisture in the cabin and keeps you warm and cosy all night long.

Service and Repair Information

  • In order to get service and repair information for your Mink you need to send us an email at
    In that email it is important to describe for what area you need information and the serial number of the Mink (usually located on the tongue of the chassis).

Support forms

We want to stay in touch with you - rain or shine - and we love to get your feedback on the Mink, because for us it is important to stay connected with our family.