Our story.


From idea to MINK

Be inspired

Back in 2015 two entrepreneurs and travel enthusiasts set out to change the look and feel of the way we connect with nature. They had a vision to combine the intimacy of camping with luxury travel.


The Mink is born

The wait is over!

After many late nights of building, testing, and prototyping through the dark winter months, they came out with the first Mink-S Camper in the spring of 2017. The Mink was born!

The Mink Camper was an instant hit on social media, gaining many followers worldwide. The path was set, and it was evident that the striking appearance mixed with functional and durable design was a hit!


Mink today

Let's explore

After tuning the recipe, while staying true to the concept and fundamentals of the Mink, and many many nights in the wild we launched a revised version of the Mink Sports Camper in 2019, which has received a wildly positive feedback from our Mink family from all over the world. We look forward to joining your wild adventures. Stay wild and free!


And Beyond

Wild Adventures

We are so excited to see the Mink family grow around the world. We're so lucky to tag along on exciting adventures with owners around and now we have a community on Facebook where the family can share stories amongst each others. This is what we're striving for - a close knit community of Minks.