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  • The Mink Campers

    • Mink-S

      The original MINK

      21995 £
    • MINK-X

      Larger tires, black rims, new fenders and matte black frame

      23679 £
    • MINK-E

      Similar to the MINK-S but fully electric with a blue frame.

      25320 £
  • Mink cargo and chassis

    • Mink Cargo Platform

      Got gear? Strap it onto the cargo platform. The Mink comes with a basic plat form, the cargo has raised edges

      543 £
    • Frontal cargo ball hitch fixture

      For bike and ski racks.

      128 £
  • Interior and living space

    • Mink Wall holder

      Custom wall holder for your amazing tunes (1x set included).

      114 £
    • Mink mosquito nets

      One for each door, with side canvas pockets underneath the door opening (1x set included).

      114 £
    • Mink Signature Wool Blanket

      Tuck in and enjoy.

      142 £
    • Mink duvet kit

      2x duvets and pillows with covers, 2x decorative pillows with covers, 1x bed sheet

      285 £
    • Mink shoe box

      Keep the cabin clean and store your shoes in a box (2 included).

      71 £
  • Kitchen and cooking

    • MINK Canopy

      A light canopy that shields you from the weather elements and is very versatile. It can be attached to both the side and the back of the MINK

      267 £
    • Mink Cutlery set

      Set of 8 pieces for two persons (knifes, forks, spoons and teaspoons).

      56 £
    • Mink Signature gas stove

      Portable gas stove with wooden panels and wind shield (1 included).

      156 £
    • Mink chopping board

      Chop chop and enjoy (1x is included).

      71 £
    • Mink box large for kitchen

      Storage for kitchen essentials (3x boxes included).

      71 £
    • Mink box small for kitchen

      Under table top storage (3x boxes included).

      53 £
    • Mink Signature electric stove

      Portable electric stove, an induction stove (1 included with the MINK-E).

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